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A digital nomad is a person who travels frequently from one country to another and manages their own work online or is employed by a company based outside that country, which allows them to work remotely.

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Foreigners from outside the EU can apply for a residence permit to allow them to work remotely for companies located in another country through computers and other information and communication technology systems.

In the case of an occupational activity carried out under an employment contract, the holder of the remote working permit will only be able to work for companies located outside the national territory.

In the case of a professional working independently, i.e. not for an employer, the permit holder will also be allowed to work with companies located in Spain, as long as their work with these Spanish companies amounts to no more than 20% of the permit holder’s total professional activity.


● Graduate or postgraduate qualifications from a recognized university, professional training provider or business school, or a minimum of three years of professional experience.

● Existence of a real and continuous activity on the part of the contracting company.

● Documentation accrediting that the work can be carried out remotely.

● Documentation accrediting that the labor or professional relationship between the applicant and the worker has existed for at least three months, and the terms and conditions of the remote activity.

Types of permits and duration:


Applicants outside Spain must obtain a permit to reside and work throughout the national territory. The duration of the permit is one year, unless the period of work is shorter, in which case the visa will have the same duration.

Once this one-year period has elapsed, a residence permit must be applied for.

Residence permit: when the applicant is legally in Spain, he/she must obtain a three-year permit to reside and work throughout the national territory.

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