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It is possible to exchange your UK driving license for the Spanish one if you are a resident in Spain. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Check that you meet the requirements: You must be a resident in Spain and your UK driving license must be valid and not have been issued in a country outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

  2. Request an appointment: You must request an appointment at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters in the province where you reside in Spain.

  3. Submit the required documentation: You must submit the original UK driving license, the NIE (foreigner identification number), passport or DNI (national identification document), official medical certificate and the application form for exchanging your driving license.

  4. Pay the corresponding fee: You must pay the corresponding administrative fee.

Once you have submitted the documentation, the Provincial Traffic Headquarters will verify that you meet all the requirements and, if so, will issue the Spanish driving license.

Permiso de conducir coche rojo

Driving licenses issued by the authorities of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland will be valid for driving in Spain for a period of six months

March 16, 2023, the date of provisional application of the agreement between the Spain and the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland on the reciprocal recognition and exchange of national driving licenses and on the exchange of information on traffic offenses in matters of Road Safety or the holder's entry into Spain or the date of obtaining legal residence in our country.

Services to help clients exchange their UK driving license to a Spanish one:

  • Review eligibility: Check that the client meets the eligibility requirements to exchange their UK driving license for a Spanish one, including residency status and the validity of their UK driving license.

  • Gather required documentation: Assist the client in gathering the required documentation, including their original UK driving license, NIE, passport or DNI, official medical certificate, and application form for exchanging their driving license.

  • Schedule an appointment: Help the client schedule an appointment with the Provincial Traffic Headquarters in the province where they reside.

  • Provide translation assistance: Provide translation assistance as needed, helping the client complete the application form and any other documentation in Spanish if necessary.

  • Assist with the exchange process: Accompany the client to the appointment and assist them throughout the exchange process, including paying the administrative fee and answering any questions they may have.

  • Follow up: Follow up with the client to ensure they receive their new Spanish driving license in a timely manner and address any issues that may arise.

We can help our clients navigate the exchange process smoothly and efficiently.

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